On the 23rd January 2018, Mr. Alioune Gorgui Mbow from Integrated Breeding Platform, Senegal paid a visit to the institute to give a brief lecture and discuss the deployment of the Breeding Management System at the Institute and how to manage the data. As the session begun, he introduced to participants the Cloud System. This is a system that helps in the easy flow of information from one place to another. Crops data can also be hooked up to the cloud system for data storage and its retrieval. Cloud can be accessed from everywhere and at any time.

The old version of BMS currently being used is valid until July 2018. According to Mr. Mbow, the institute can help sustain the BMS Cloud System by allocating at least 5% of project funds with permission from management.
Mr. Mbow mentioned that with the version 8 of the BMS, it would be able to integrate other platforms for a more sustainable breeding program. A unanimous decision was taken by the breeders present to be on the BMS cloud version due to its numerous merits realized in the course of the lecture.
Mr. Adogoba, the Biometrician at the Institute, agreed to arrange data of the institute’s scientists to be exported on to the BMS. After that, the data management team would report to the sponsors to know the success of the BMS to SARI because BMS is absolutely free for SARI. April 23, 2018, was slated and accepted by the training with Dr. Herman member of the Integrated Breeding Platform. Technical issues too would be handled when Dr. Herman visits the institute.

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