1. VARIETY: Jenguma
2. Breeder (s)/ Institution: N.N Denwar, H. Quarshie (CSIR-SARI)
3. Distinctness Uniformity and Stability (DUS): Growth pattern: Determinate; Flower colour: purple;  Plant height: 50-55 cm; 1000 seed weight: 140 g; seed colour: cream;   Growth habit: erect; Pubescence: present on stems; leaves and pods; Pod position: along main stem; Hilium colour: light pink; Leaf type: trifoliate.
4. Value for Cultivation and Use (VCU): Days to 50% flowering: 45-48; Days to maturity: 110-115; Yield potential: 2.5-2.8 t/ha; Haulm yield: 1500-3000 kg/ha; Resistance to pod shattering: resistant, up to 3% shattering; Excellent seed quality; High and stable yield across many environments; tolerant to common soybean pests and diseases; relatively tolerant to low soil P; trap-crop for S. hermonthica; Protein content: 38%, Oil content: 14%; Carbohydrate content: 37%.
5. Preferred Ecology: Guinea & Sudan savannahs, transitional and forest zones
6. Year of Release: 2003

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