Though fire has a lot of uses such as; hunting, cooking, food preservation, modifying landscape for agriculture purposes, health purpose like cauterization, fire can be very dangerous and destructive when it gets out of control. Mr. Adogoba Buda and three other Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) personnel visited CSIR-SARI on the 15th December, 2017 to train volunteer firefighters on preventive and practical fire outbreak management. According to the GNFS personnel’s, fire outbreak becomes rampant during the harmattan season especially in the three northern regions of Ghana. This has not only become a Regional canker but a National canker which must be dealt with visible measures.

Moreover, he admonished the volunteers that, during the Harmattan season, fire easily escalate because of the dry state of the atmosphere. He stressed to the volunteers to preach to their colleagues and neighbors to be very cautious when burning their farms. He mentioned that fire leads to deforestation which ends up effecting our climate and livelihoods. He pleaded with the volunteers to be vigilante and play their role efficiently.

According to CSIR-SARI’s farm manager, Mr. Zachariah, the experimental fields used by scientist to run trials on developing technologies are always burnt during the Harmattan season by unknown assailants and this leads destruction of a lot of their experiments. He expressed his happiness to the initiative of training volunteers to fight the fires. He said this will help the general productivity of CSIR-SARI. Also, he made it clear at the training that, when there are fire outbreaks anywhere, the volunteers should not just rush into it but first have to examine the fire before they tackle it. He strongly suggested that the volunteers consider life first before properties.

A vivid demonstration was done at the training to show to the volunteers the position to stand when fighting fire in order to be safe in the case of creating a fire belt. Also, the fire fighters must be kept informed of the direction of the wind since it influences the direction the fire will burn towards. The fire fighters should also assess the source of the fire, behavior and finally a route of escape. The person fighting the fire must be directly opposite the fire and hit it gently with the fire beater.

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