Solar blanching technology for drying vegetables

Description and Characterization of Technology


The technology involves spreading the sorted pepper over a black polythene sheet in the open sun and covering it with a transparent one for between 2 and 3 hours, depending on weather conditions. The heat generated between the plastic sheets blanches the pepper, destroying all enzymes and most microbes on and in the produce. To test that the product is totally blanched a drop of 0.1% hydrogen peroxide is dropped to the freshly cut surface. Lack of gas bubbles is an indication that the product is adequately blanched.



How the Technology Works

The technology works better under clear, cloudless sky as it depends solely on sunshine

This technology is environmentally friendly as no fuel wood is required to blanch the produce


Market Potential

  • Vegetable processors
  • Farmers


Dissemination Strategies and Diffusion

Diffusion of the technology has been done through direct demonstrations


End-Users of the Technology

  • Pepper farmers
  • Processors
  • Exporters
  • Farmer Associations


Challenges and Opportunities

It is dependent on the sun. The technology is environmentally friendly and easy to use even among the uneducated. The technology is cost-saving and willingness to adopt is high especially among women groups.

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