In the agricultural sector, experts are advocating for a sustainable food system plan that focuses on transforming small-scale farmers into agribusinesses to boost the economy and ensure food security. Dr. Abdul-Razak Mohammed, an Agribusiness and Food Systems Specialist at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR – SARI), emphasized that promoting smallholders’ agricultural activities for commercial purposes is a crucial strategy to effectively reduce poverty in the country.

Dr. Mohammed made these remarks during a training workshop organized for farmers in Karaga, aimed at fostering agribusiness in the Northern Region. The training was a collaborative effort between the North Carolina Agriculture and Technical University, CSIR-SARI, and the USDA-NIFA-UMES Center of Excellence for Global Food Security and Defense. The initiative is part of the implementation of the project on “Cultivating Productivity and Resilience to Mitigate Food Insecurity in West-Central Africa,” focusing on communities in northern Ghana.

The project encompasses various components, including innovations in agricultural production, international trade, and agribusiness management. Dr. Mohammed called on stakeholders in the agricultural sector to address challenges faced by farmers, such as the lack of formal management skills in agribusiness and limited access to financial assistance, particularly in the Northern Region.

Additionally, he urged the government to tackle the high cost of production and improve irrigation facilities in farming areas. Encouraging farmers to explore new opportunities in the market, he emphasized the importance of focusing on profit-making goals and utilizing the entrepreneurial environment.

Furthermore, Dr. Mohammed appealed to agribusiness enterprises to employ customer care skills to identify and reach out to their customers, leading to increased loyalty. He emphasized that by delivering high-quality products, agribusinesses can gradually build a loyal customer base, thus contributing to their growth and success.

The call for support to develop small-scale farmers into agribusinesses is expected to play a pivotal role in promoting sustainable economic growth and ensuring food security in Ghana.

Source: GNA