EWA BELT Project

EWA-BELT Project: Fostering Sustainable Agriculture in Africa

African countries have long grappled with the challenge of food and nutrition insecurity, a problem now exacerbated by the ever-increasing impact of climate change on agricultural production. As the continent faces this critical juncture, a beacon of hope is emerging through the Sustainable Intensification (SI) approach.

The SI Approach: Balancing Productivity and Conservation

SI represents a pragmatic pathway toward achieving two critical goals simultaneously: increasing agricultural yields and safeguarding our precious natural resources. This approach, which encompasses the careful management of water, soil, biodiversity, and land, prioritizes the sustainable flow of ecosystem services. By doing so, SI paves the way for a resilient and prosperous agricultural future.

Local Solutions for Local Needs

A core tenet of SI is the recognition that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, interventions must be finely tuned to suit local needs and contexts. This adaptability is crucial because, while the challenges may be universal, the circumstances and resources available vary from region to region.

EWA-BELT: Bridging East and West Africa for Sustainable Agriculture

Enter the EWA-BELT project, a visionary initiative designed to promote food production systems grounded in Sustainable Intensification. This project focuses on smallholder farming systems in diverse agro-climatic regions of both East (Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania) and West (Burkina Faso, Ghana, Sierra Leone) Africa. Its overarching aim? To forge an interregional African “belt” that fosters SI by assessing and sharing best practices and experiences tailored to each unique context.

Uniting Voices, Sharing Wisdom

EWA-BELT understands that the path to sustainable agriculture is not a solitary journey. It’s a collective effort, one that draws together a rich tapestry of experts, institutions, and partners from across Africa and Europe. By uniting voices and sharing wisdom, EWA-BELT seeks to create a harmonious symphony of knowledge, innovation, and action.

This symphony is currently resonating in the vibrant city of Tamale, Ghana, where the EWA-BELT Scenario Workshop is in full swing. Here, experts and stakeholders are coming together to chart the course for a more sustainable future for African agriculture.

A Vision for Tomorrow

In the heart of this workshop, we find a vision—a vision shared by individuals like Prof. Giovanna Seddaiu from the University of Sassari, Italy. She eloquently articulates the importance of this gathering, stating, “Today holds great significance as we launch this channel. The purpose of this channel workshop is to engage in meaningful discussions with our partners, experts, and colleagues, fostering a collaborative environment.”

She adds, “The primary focus of this workshop is to delve into the key results of our project and explore how we can effectively capitalize on them. This event is of utmost importance in our journey.”

Joining the Movement

The EWA-BELT project extends an open invitation to all who share its commitment to sustainable agriculture. By joining this movement, you become a vital part of a transformative journey that is actively shaping the future of farming in Africa.

In a continent where challenges are real but determination is boundless, the EWA-BELT project is a guiding light. It’s where ideas take root, innovations flourish, and together, we cultivate a more sustainable and prosperous tomorrow.

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