Project Overview: TERRA Africa

 Welcome to TERRA Africa, an ambitious initiative at the forefront of agricultural transformation in Africa. TERRA Africa, short for “Technology Establishment for Regional-adapted Regenerative Agriculture in Africa,” is a pioneering project that aims to revolutionize farming practices across the continent. We invite you to explore this transformative journey towards sustainable agriculture and the regeneration of Africa’s precious soils.


Our Mission: 

TERRA Africa is on a mission to address the pressing challenges facing African agriculture, with a strong focus on soil health. We are driven by the vision of creating a more resilient and productive agricultural landscape while mitigating the effects of climate change. Our mission is guided by the belief that ‘healthy soils produce healthy crops,’ and we are committed to restoring soil health and improving food security in Africa.


Project Period: 

The TERRA Africa project is a long-term commitment, spanning from April 2023 to March 2028. This extended timeline allows us to comprehensively research, develop, and implement innovative solutions that will benefit smallholder farmers and communities across Africa.

 Project Objectives: 

Our objectives are clear and impactful:

1. Develop AfRA Technologies: We are working to develop sustainable African Regenerative Agriculture (AfRA) technologies, tailored to the unique conditions of wet and dry savannas in Africa. These technologies will rejuvenate soil health and enhance agricultural productivity.

 2. Integrated Technology Packages: TERRA Africa is committed to proposing integrated technology packages that combine AfRA innovations with effective dissemination methods. These packages will empower farmers with holistic solutions for sustainable and profitable farming.

 3. Implementation and Impact: Our project goes beyond theory; we will implement these integrated technology packages to demonstrate their practicality and benefits for smallholder farmers. We aim to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who rely on agriculture for their livelihoods.

 Why TERRA Africa Matters: 

African agriculture has faced significant challenges, including soil degradation and the impacts of climate change. TERRA Africa offers a lifeline by introducing Regenerative Agriculture (RA) concepts adapted to local conditions. This project is vital for:

– Restoring soil health

– Boosting agricultural productivity

– Ensuring food security

– Mitigating climate change

– Empowering smallholder farmers

 Key Focus Areas: 

TERRA Africa focuses on developing soil and cultivation management technologies for both wet and dry savannas. By understanding the specific needs of these regions, we tailor our solutions to maximize their impact and sustainability.


Our project will generate valuable resources, including technical manuals, farmer management programs, technical manuals for integrated technology packages, results from field experiments, and scientific papers. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and findings with the wider community.

 Project Partners: 

TERRA Africa is made possible through collaboration with esteemed partners, including the Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA), JIRCAS, UDS, SARI, CNTA, Kyoto University, Tokyo University of Agriculture, and Degas Co. Together, we are united by our shared vision of transforming African agriculture.

 Stay Informed: 

To stay updated on the latest developments, milestones, and impact of the TERRA Africa project, we invite you to explore our website regularly. We believe in transparency and the power of shared knowledge, and we welcome your interest and inquiries.



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Project Overview: TERRA Africa Welcome to TERRA Africa, an ambitious initiative...
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