Stories and pictures were compiled for the June 2017 edition of the quarterly newsletter. 200 copies were printed and 90 distributed to participants at the Core of Excellence launch. 25 copies are being displayed in reception for visitor to have access while the 75 copies remaining were distributed in the following order;

  • 5 copies each to the 12 CSIR sister institutes
  • 5 copies to University for Development studies library, Nyankpala
  • 5 copies to USAID-ATT office, Tamale
  • 5 copies to MoFA office, Tamale

The unit supported with media coverage of the following SARI events to increase awareness of the institutes activities to various stakeholders;

  • Release of the seven new hybrid maize varieties
  • Fall Armyworm awareness creation workshop
  • First inspection by the National Varietal Release and Registration Committee on five new Frafra potato lines in Manga
  • Core of Excellence Launch

The unit developed leaflets on the attributes of the newly released maize verities for distribution to farmers and other stake holders to help educate them on the characteristics of the various varieties. Due to the recent outbreak of fall army worm, the unit supported the maize and entomology unit to develop a leaflet to help create awareness on the facts and management practices for the control of Fall Army Worm. This leaflet was distributed to farmers and the media at an awareness creation workshop organised at Kpaliga in the Tolon district on the 8th of June 2017. This leaflet was also made available on Facebook for wider coverage. Copies are also displayed at the institute library and reception.

For the Core of Excellence launch, the unit designed 10 Pull-up banners for display during the event. We also designed a leaflet on the overview of the Core of Excellence project and the overview of CSIR-SARI. 200 copies of each were made and was distributed at the launch and some displayed in the SARI library and at the SARI reception.

CSIR-SARI folders and Notepads were designed to be used for the CSIR-SARI press kit where various SARI publications will be placed and given out to visitors and media. 200 copies of these will be printed and kept by unit to be used when needed.

The unit has developed a seed catalogue for Maize, Rice and Soybean. The unit is working on expanding this to the all the institute mandate crops for distribution to MoFA extension and agents and other stakeholders. This we hope will help create awareness on CSIR-SARI technologies and give extension agents enough information to help farmers in decision making.

Dr. Alhassan Lansah Abdullai the Agro Meteorologist-Climate Change Adaptation at CSIR-SARI had a radio program to talk on the integration of climate and crop information for a reduced risk of crop failure.

As part of the communication activities towards ensuring that adequate and proper information reach out to farmers towards increasing their productivity is concerned, a radio program has been designed with the help of Radio Savannah. This radio program is to educate and update farmers across northern Ghana and beyond about the latest innovations and technologies available to them. The host station Radio Savannah of which Madam Fuseina is the technical producer and Mr. Abdul-Razak Yakubu, the host presenter makes sure that the program comes off each and every Saturday from 8-9 am.