CSIR-SARI in its implementation of the PAIRED project undertook a sensitization visit to its project communities in the Savanna, Upper East, and Upper West regions. The visit was aimed at introducing the community members to the PAIRED project and its activities. Farmers were briefed on the concept of Innovation Platforms and the VSLA credit system that the project means to introduce to the communities to help facilitate value chain linkages and address financial constraints.

The team comprising of staff of CSIR-SARI (namely Dr. Roger Kanton, Dr. Prince M. Etwire, Mr. Desmond S. Adogoba, Mr. Eliasa Krofa, and Mr. Wilhelm Kutah) and a representative from a seed company, educated the community members on the activities to be undertaken by the project in their respective communities. Seed companies have been selected by the project to help educate and train farmers in rice seed production. They will partner with the seed companies to set up demonstration fields in each community and also support project farmers to produce rice seed. The farmers that show the most promise will then be selected as out-growers for the seed companies.

Mr. Krofa educated the community members on the importance of demonstration fields and requested the community to select fields in their respective communities that are close to a busy road where they would host demonstration fields showcasing new rice technologies from CSIR-SARI.

Mr. Adogoba sensitized the community members a credit managing system the project intends to introduce to the community members. This system was successfully piloted under the ICRISAT AVISA project. The project intends to implement the same system to help farmers manage and build up credit for some of their activities. This in the long run will help the project to sustain its gains after exit. The project communities visited are Yepala, Jabalpe, Tosinape, Tantuani (Savannah Region); Kalbeong, Yebongo, Nayagnia, Kologo (Upper East Region) and Losse, Tendoma, Dakyie and Wogu (Upper West Region).

The current program, Partnership for Agricultural Research, Education and Development (PAIRED) in West and Central Africa, funded by USAID was designed to undertake the needed restructuring, to transform CORAF into a structurally sound and financially stable organization to lead agricultural research and innovation in West and Central Africa. The specific objective of PAIRED is to enhance the institutional leadership of CORAF in increasing agricultural productivity, which is pursued through three intermediate results (IRs, also called components) that are mutually reinforcing and addressing issues on enabling conditions for the sustainable and efficient operation of CORAF as an institution. CORAF is partnering research institutions such as CSIR-SARI to deliver productivity and welfare-enhancing technologies and practices to farmers.

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