On 2nd May 2018, The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research—Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (CSIR — SARI) in Ghana in collaboration with the International Potato Centre (CIP) has released three new varieties of C for cultivation by farmers in Northern Ghana, for food security, wealth and health. The event was a gathering of Scientists from CIP Ghana, CSIR-SARI, University for Development Studies and the National Varietal Release and Registration Committee (NVRRC) of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The 3 new varieties with the initial names SARI-Nan, SARI- Nyumingre and SARI-Diedi- have high levels of nutrients and grow well in the Guinea Savanna ecology (the Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions) maturing within three to four months. These varieties have been evaluated since 2014 and 600 farmers were involved in the assessment over the period. The varieties would however be renamed to suit consumer acceptability and updated release standards.

Source: https://www.sweetpotatoknowledge.org/sari-partners-release-3-new-colourful-sweetpotato-varieties-ghana/

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