CSIR-SARI offers a number of services to its client. Money obtained from these services goes to support the institutes Internally Generated Funds(IGF). The money is then used to support the institute’s day to day running. Services being offered include;

CONSULTANCY: Our Human Resource is our greatest asset in the institute. Our rich knowledge base makes our institute a force to reckon with when it comes to research work. Our staff is available for consultancy works to help support other institutes in their endeavors.

SEED PRODUCTION: We have Certified Foundation and Certified Breeder Seed of our mandate crops available for sale.

TRAINING: We offer training on various topics related to our area of study.

MECHANIZATION: We have available an array of farm machinery and implements for those willing to go into mechanized farming.

METEOROLOGY: We have weather data that we are willing to share with partners to help improve upon their work

RENTALS: We offer an array of vehicles for rentals

CATERING: Our well-trained canteen staff offers competitive services with quality and good tasting meals served under hygienic conditions.


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