CSIR-SARI has adopted a bottom-up approach in its research activities. This approach is called Farming System Research (FSR). FSR aims at making CSIR-SARI realize its research objectives in a more practical and concrete term. The approach emphasizes a thorough investigation of the circumstances of the farm household as a basis for determining the technical research programme.

It also demands the implementation of research mainly on-farm and in collaboration with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) staff and NGOs in the field. CSIR-SARI is where high-caliber researchers do good science in the service of farmers. It boasts of research scientists and staff whose works have received acclamation at the national and international levels. They have been conferred special awards and have garnered citations from world-renowned scientific bodies and associations. The Institute has on staff an array of plant breeders, agronomists, plant protection experts (entomologists, pathologists, and nematologists), soil physicists, soil chemists, soil microbiologists, agricultural economists, sociologists, weed scientists, and agro-meteorologists. Complementing them are experts in socio-economics, agribusiness, communication, and extension.

The institute has the following scientists at post:

  • Plant Breeders (Sorghum, Millet, Rice, Maize. Soybean, Soybean, Cowpea, Groundnuts Bambarra, Groundnut, etc.)
  • Agronomist
  • Plant Protectionists (Entomologists, Pathologists, Nematologists)
  • Soil Scientist (Soil Physicist, Soil Chemist, Soil Chemist, Soil Microbiologist)
  • Agricultural Economist and Sociologist
  • Agro meteorologist

Under GHAJA Project, SARI is responsible for the transfer of agronomic research, providing technical assistance and training on Agronomy and crop protection.