Rice Breeding, Climate Smart Breeding, Food Security and Agriculture, Data Analysis, Biotechnology and Molecular Breeding

    Alex Yeboah Principal Technologist

      Hammond Abeka Principal Technologist (Soil Science)

      Establishment and monitoring of on-station and on-farm trials and demonstrations.

        Mukhtaru Zakaria Principal Technologist/ Crop Protection, (Entomology)

        web and print content development, public speaking, software development and project management.

          Wilhelm Nomu Kutah Communication Officer

          PhD in Soil Science & Plant Nutrition, 12+ years in Agriculture & Food Security, Research Scientist at SARI.

            Dr. Abdul Aziz Abdul Latif Research Scientist

            Breeding for Yield, Nutritional & Quality Traits, Breeding for Biotic & Abiotic Stress Tolerance, Germplasm Evaluation and Conservation,

              Dr. Isaac Kodzo Amegbor Plant Breeder/Research Scientist

              I have a Master's degree in Genetics and Plant Breeding, I with the vegetables team have been able to recommend one accession of okra

                Samuel Kwame Bonsu Principal Technologist

                application of advanced biotechnological tools and techniques, combined with modern molecular breeding methods, aimed at enhancing crop prod

                  Gloria Mensah Principal Technologist

                  management of innovation platforms, farming systems research, agricultural commercialization, financial inclusion, gender, value-chain


                    She is currently the research scientist in charge of the Food Science and Nutrition Section of the Institute

                      Dr. Flora Christine Amagloh Research Scientist