Professional Biography: 
A highly motivated well organized communication specialist with 8 years working experience in
the communication field. Area of expertise include web and print content development, public
speaking, software development and project management. I am versed in a range of
communication solutions, channels and technologies. I have managed to start and manage a
Quarterly Organizational Newsletter dubbed Research Monitor, started and managed a
Newsletter for their Research Staff Association (RSA Newsletter), enhanced internal
communication with staff locally and abroad by introducing various communication channels
including a WhatsApp group and group emails. I created and managed organizational websites
(,, Facebook Pages, and also a WhatsApp group
for the general public to be educated on technologies from organizations. I come with a wealth of
knowledge collected from my years of service to numerous donors through projects managed by
the organizations I am based in. I have a strong work ethic, am a team player, am creative, and with a
great sense of humor.
Areas of Research/Expertise: 
Communication, ICT for Development
Education and Qualifications: 
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Innovation Communication
Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degrees in Agricultural Technology
Publications and Research Contributions: 
1. Microbial Contamination of Beef Sold by Retailers in the Tamale Metropolis (2009-
2010). A B.Sc. Dissertation, Department of Agricultural Technology, University for
Development Studies, Nyankpala, June 2010.

Other qualifications:
1. 2020 Photography and Videography, Facilitated by KobbyTurk Photography in Tamale, Ghana

2. 2018 Effective public speaking and Communication strategy, Facilitated by Ghana Institute of Journalism in Accra, Ghana

3. 2017 Website design and content management, Facilitated by CSIR-INSTI in Accra, Ghana

4. 2017 Media training on scientific writing, Facilitated by AATF and Joy FM in Accra, Ghana

5. 2016 IT and Communication Systems Training, Facilitated by Iowa State University and University of Illinois, USA

6. 2016 Communication Plan Development, Facilitated by the University of Illinois, USA

7. 2015 Media and Presentation Skills, Facilitated by AATF and APN in Kampala, Uganda

8. 2014 Supervisor Training, PICS Bag Survey, Facilitated by International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Tamale, Ghana

9. 2014 Electronic Library Resources, Facilitated by ITOCA in Tamale, Ghana

10. 2013 Large Scale and Medium Scale Farmers and Agricultural Mechanization Survey: Enumerator Training, Facilitated by IFPRI in Tamale, Ghana

11. 2012 The Analysis of the Baseline Data of the Rice Sector Support Project in Ghana: Enumerator Training, Facilitated by RSSP in Tamale, Ghana
12. Personnel and career development conference, Facilitated by Springboard in Tamale, Ghana